For those of you still searching for the right software, these are my favourite programs, all have their good and bad points, which is why I use a combination of them.

Personal Ancestral File from The Mormon Church web site. This software is free, and a very good basic program. Very easy to learn and use, has many very good reports, but I find that with a large family database such as mine that the print outs of the family tree take up a lot of space, which is why I use other software for that particular function such as . . . .

Wintree is shareware, that is try before you buy, and at around £8.00 at the time of writing at current exchange rates represents good value for money. I have found it to be very flexible, and uses up far less space than lots of other Family Tree creation software.

My Heritage Family Tree Builder, This is a FREE piece of Genealogy software that covers virtually every thing, but it's strong point is that it has a Research Button, load whatever family tree information that you have, press the research button and it goes out and searchs the Internet for matches. In my case it found lots of useful data, simply add this to your tree and search again. Brilliant ! Of course it will not do everything, you may have to dig a bit deeper to make sure that apparent matches are correct but I found it very useful. Also does a very useful Book style report on the family tree.

The award winning Family TreeMaker 2005. This is another very good program, which is shareware and $29.95 at the time of writing about £15 UK pounds, although its probably a bit more since the recent world wide financial problems.log in to there website to find out more.


Download the latest version of Adobe Reader Adobe Reader 9Adobe Reader Windows XP SP2 - SP3, English (UK) Different language or operating system? 33.5MB. This will require a Broadband Link, although it often appears on The DVD's that accompany Computer Magazines.


You will need to go forward to Page 3 Of the PDF Family Tree to see the beginning of the tree. This will print out, but requires 14 pages, hope you are good with scissors and glue !


This is entitled a Complate Genealogy Report, and will require 136 pages, but can be bound in covers or inserted into a ring binder.


This File can be opened by any compatible software, suggest you search if you need a program. Lots of them are either Freeware or Shareware and very good value. Or just try the software listed above.


As for GEDCOM file above.


As for PD File above can be printed out.




Latest Update 7thNovember 2008