A considerable amount of the information and history on this website was researched by my Great Uncle Charles Bubb (B.1877 D. 1938), and I believe that his Uncle Henry Bubb of Witcombe & Ullenwood (B.1843 D.1931) was also involved together with his daughter Maude Bubb, and her cousin Olive Bubb. This research was therefore carried out between 50 and 75 years ago.

Much of the information that I inherited from the family was copies of original documents and extracts from the original papers. It is not known what happened to the original research papers and records. I have therefore to rely on the accuracy of the information that I possess.

However over the last few years a number of people have contacted me with details of their own family trees, and I have in the majority of cases been able to connect their trees to mine. In cases where this has not been possible I still hold all their details and from time to time research the internet for new information.

Since starting this site it has become increasingly obvious to me that the majority of Bubb Families throughout the world can eventually trace their roots back to my Gloucestershire and in particular to Badgeworth and Cheltenham, where my family originated.

In fact where I suspected that research by my family was incomplete, I have been delighted to be contacted by distant cousins (even by several hundred years and many generations, with the offer of a copy of their Family Trees which in the majority of cases have common ancestors.

Undoubtedly over the years there will be copying and other errors, so if you find anything suspect please let me know.


I am currently researching the branch of the Bubb Family that lived in Dymock and Tirley, also the Bubb Family who emigrated to Canada from South Wales in 1905, so any information would be really useful.




Latest Update 7th November 2008